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Give you freedom of choice by unlocking your data

How we're changing lives

“I applied for a loan, verified my income in 30 seconds, and paid off my credit card debt the same day. It's unbelievable!”

Alex S.

“I lost my job during the pandemic. When I got a new job offer, I had $50 in my account. Thanks to Citadel, I started the next day.”

Joselyn C.

“I used to make 200 calls a day to verify income. Now the most tedious part of my job is automated and I can focus on what matters most.”

Peter G.
Operations, Bank

Why we launched Citadel API

I got my MBA at Stanford, worked at Carta for two years, and don’t have a criminal record. These are facts you’d have to take me at my word for, or pay over $50 to run an employment verification and background check, which could take you up to 5 days and involve up to a dozen people and phone calls.

When it comes to the verifications industry, data is everything, but that data is often inaccessible to those it belongs to—the consumers—and those who are paying for it—the verifiers. For the most part, consumers don’t know where companies obtain data about them, and they almost never have access to or control of that personal data. People want to control their data and know who is using it and why. What most folks don’t understand is that if you’re not paying for a product, you are the product—and from that perspective, the way verifications are conducted is very broken.

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Team members

Who we are

Our team loves building and scaling products that customers love

Kirill Klokov
CEO, Co-founder
Ilya Chatsviorkin
CTO, Co-founder
Michael Del Monte
Head of Integrations
Darshana Shetty
Darshana Shetty
Head of Product
Director of Operations

And 20 more team members dedicated to making verifications easy.

Our values

Here’s what we stand for

Customer obsession

We start with the customer and work backwards to build the best customer experience. We work hard to earn and keep our customers' trust.


We’re transparent and candid with each other and with our customers. We'll tell you how it is and will be honest in all of our interactions.

Bias for action

We move fast and constantly improve everything we do. We value calculated risk and no improvement is too small.

We are backed by top VCs & angels

Soma Capital

We are backed by top VCs & angels

Soma Capital
Soma Capital
Abstract Ventures
Lachy Groom
Work Life Ventures
Henry Ward
Dave Dickerson
Accurate Background
Kevin Hartz
Eventbrite, Xoom
Mark Pincus
Daniel Graf
Twitter, Uber
Brad Strock
PayPal, BofA
Jason Morris
Huey Lin
PayPal, Affirm

Special thanks

Spiros Xanthos
Jason Simon
Nick Fishman
Timothy Li
Charlie Cafazza
Ron Pragides
Tejinder Gill
Brett Cherskin
Elisium VC
Jared Thomas
Alex FF
Josh Merril & Carta Family
Diagram Capital

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