Payroll access, simplified

Connect to over 120M payroll and HRIS accounts with a single API so your customers can easily verify employment and income, switch direct deposit, or connect HR admin accounts to your app.

Payroll access, simplified

With Citadel, users can easily connect their payroll account to share information with your app, verify their employment and income, switch direct deposit and more.

Industry-leading coverage of employers and payroll providers


coverage of Fortune 1000 companies


supported payroll providers

Friendly user

Frictionless user experience

Users select their employer

Citadel API covers around 80% of the US workforce, well over 120M of working, credit-active Americans.

Users enter credentials

Citadel API handles security questions and 2FA right in the app, connecting to their data in under 15 seconds.

Citadel API connects the account

Citadel API takes the final steps to access, organize, and deliver the data to you either via API or to your Citadel dashboard.

Easily access payroll and HRIS accounts

Powerful and easy-to-use API

We agonize over the right abstractions so you can implement Citadel in an afternoon with a few lines of code.

Powerful and easy-to-use API

We agonize over the appropriate abstractions so that your teams do not have to patch together disparate systems or spend months integrating providers one by one.


Our documentation (like our API) is built by developers, for developers.

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API keys

Sign up with the Citadel API Dashboard and get access to API keys.

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    <!-- Step 1 - add the Bridge library to your app with a script tag -->
    <script src=""></script>
  // Step 2 - Call your back end to retrieve a bridge_token from citadel
  const bridgeToken = <%= Value returned by API call to acquire bridge_token %>
	// Step 3 - Initialize Bridge
  const bridge = CitadelBridge.init({
        bridgeToken: bridgeToken.bridge_token,
          // Optional, called when Bridge loads
          console.log('Bridge loaded')
        onSuccess:function(public_token, metadata){
          console.log('success handler')
          // Send the public_token to your server to exchange for an access_token
          // and retrieve payroll data.
          // The metadata object contains info about the Link.
          console.log("token: ",public_token)
          console.log("metadata: ", metadata)
        onEvent: function(event_type, payload) {
          // all events fire this function. event_type indicates what the event is,
          // payload has additional information depending on the event.
          console.log('event: ', event_type)
          console.log('payload: ', payload)
          // Optional, called when Bridge is closed by the user.
          console.log('Bridge closed')
<!-- Normal page content -->
<!-- Step 4 - Create a button or action that calls to Bridge -->
<button type="button" id="button" onclick="">

Citadel API is enterprise-ready and FCRA compliant

Strict security standards

Citadel API is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant. We’re currently undergoing Fannie Mae's D1C certification.


We leverage Vanta, leading SOC2 continuous monitoring software to stay compliant and secure.


Data transmitted is kept safe using SSL standards. We use 256-bit AES encryption at rest and TLS 1.2+ in transit.

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